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Use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below. By using this website, users agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions and enter the website voluntarily at their own risk and expense. All prices quoted are subject to availability and change and may be subject to a certain minimum number of consecutive nights, corresponding to a minimum stay. All promotional rates are considered limited offers and are always subject to the availability of a particular property advertised on the website. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the website, INTIHOLIDAYS, a trademark of the company VANDA FERNANDES UNIPESSOAL LDA. cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to change the information and descriptions of the accommodations and products listed as and when necessary, and may revise its terms and conditions, regulations, and policies from time to time.

The terms and conditions (“T&C”) described below are between the user (“Guest”) and VANDA FERNANDES UNIPESSOAL LDA. (“INTIHOLIDAYS”). This agreement is considered valid once the guest has booked through the website www.intiholidays.com one or more properties during a certain period.


Published rates are per night, euros and per property (not per person) and can be changed without prior notice, however once a booking is confirmed and the confirmation deposit paid, the prices agreed at that time will always be valid unless there is a technical or manual computer error. The rates for each lease reflect the maximum occupancy of each property. Some properties may accept additional guests and therefore additional guests may be subject to a supplement per night per person. All reservations are for a minimum stay of 3,4,7 nights or more, and some properties may have mandatory arrivals and departures on Saturdays (ie Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise agreed). Unless otherwise stated, the minimum short term rental period is:

  • From November to March: 14 and 30 nights
  • From April to May: 4 nights
  • From June to September: 7 nights
  • October: 4 and 14 nights

Prices were established according to market conditions. In the event of major changes to these conditions, we reserve the right to modify our prices accordingly prior to booking. All rentals are for short or medium stays. No property advertised on the website is rented for periods longer than 120 consecutive days. INTIHOLIDAYS will be able to make available and advertise some properties on a medium-term rental between the months of October and June. All rentals include the prudent use of the property’s equipment and amenities listed on the website page. Rates include the use of towels, sheets, and the contents visible on the property. Maintenance costs, water, gas, electricity, internet is the responsibility of the property management company or the owner and cannot be charged to the guest, unless otherwise stated and always accepted by the guest. All prices include VAT at the current rate. The guest must always read the full description in detail and ensure that what is mentioned is in accordance with their preferences to rent and, therefore, make the reservation. Additional services which cannot be booked and paid for on the website and which have been requested by email / message to INTIHOLIDAYS are normally paid directly on the day of arrival to the host or in some cases to INTIHOLIDAYS.


INTIHOLIDAYS cannot be held liable in the event of a manual, technical or any other source of computer error that causes a substantial unforeseen change in the sale price to the public on the website, so in cases where this is exorbitant or manifestly derisory. The purchase order will be considered invalid and canceled and the customer will be informed and in case of any occurred purchase of this fact, customer will be totally refunded.


It is the guest’s responsibility to inform INTIHOLIDAYS before the guest selects a property about the number of guests, health conditions (allergies, asthma, heart disease, mobility problems) or any other special requirements relevant to the selection of accommodations. Guests are responsible for obtaining all necessary passports or identification cards and vaccination certificates. INTIHOLIDAYS is not responsible for inadequately documented guests. Identification documents are always requested at check-in to confirm that the guest physically present corresponds to the name of the confirmed reservation. Failure to show any identification document may result in the booking being canceled in full without any refund. guests must be careful with the rented property and will be held responsible for any damages. The doors and windows of the property must be closed and locked when guests are away from the property. The guest must respect and accept the property regulations, known as “house rules”.


The booking agreement is based on the details, descriptions and conditions set out on the website page of the property in question, valid on the day of booking for the specified rental period and the prices listed in the price list attached to the descriptions. Guests who book must be at least 18 years old and must stay in the booked accommodation for the duration of their stay. Some properties require a minimum age of 21 or 25 years. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that their age will not be an impediment to booking and staying at the property they have booked. In case it is considered a fraudulent act, the reservation could be immediately canceled and without any right to any refund or change of date. To confirm the reservation via the website, a deposit of 50% of the total stay could be requested and paid. The remaining 50% should be paid 30 days prior to arrival. All payments are made through the website using the Stripe payment platform. When booking and paying, the guest has read and accepted the payment and cancellation conditions mentioned on the page of the property rented.


After booking confirmation and payment of the 50% deposit of the total amount, the corresponding invoice/receipt will be issued. INTIHOLIDAYS receives the amount on behalf of the accommodation owner. Payment includes all fees and services mentioned on the website page. In case the guest has booked a property and his arrival is less than 30 days, the guest must pay the reservation in full. INTIHOLIDAYS does not provide any type of travel insurance. Payments made through the platform come at a cost. This same cost is supported by INTIHOLIDAYS, however in case of return of any value, this cost will be the responsibility of the guest. All payments are in Euros.


A safety deposit (payable in cash, MBWay, Revolut or Paypal) is requested on the day of entry, to cover any damage caused to the property and/or condominium. The total amount of the deposit will be returned to the guest if there is no damage to be registered. The deposit is 300 euros, except for some properties whose value is 500 euros. (Values ​​are mentioned in the descriptions of each property. The deposit will be returned within 7/14 days (by bank transfer) after complete cleaning and verification of the inventory. For this, the guest must inform by written message or at check-in by email the account number to which the amount must be transferred. In case the amount is returned by MBWay, the shipping costs will be deducted in advance. In the event of an incident and the amount of the damage is greater than the value of the deposit, the deposit will not be returned, and the guest must always pay the full amount of the damage. INTIHOLIDAYS will be able to deduct a certain amount from the deposit if the property is found to be extremely dirty.


In case the guest must cancel its reservation, he/she should contact INTIHOLIDAYS as soon as possible and by email – hello@intholidays.com (with its reservation number). Any cancellations may be subject to payment of cancellation fees. Depending on the reasons for the cancellation, guest may be able to claim these cancellation fees from its insurance company (if he/she has taken out travel insurance). The general conditions for cancellations are as follows. Free cancellation up to 30 days prior to check-in date and 50% refund if canceled up to 29 days prior to check-in date. In the event of costs incurred by banking entities, these same costs will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. INTIHOLIDAYS will not bear such costs.


Changes (always subject to availability) of dates will only be accepted if the same number of nights is kept and the rate is equal to the new period. Only 1 change will be accepted. The reduction in the number of nights is considered a cancellation and the value of the nights canceled will not be refunded or converted into a credit. Property changes are considered cancellations.


Only cancellations considered by COVID-19 will be considered and refunded in full, if the Portuguese Government decrees a ban on traveling from the point of origin where the guest is to the property reserved in their name through the website. In the event of costs incurred by banking entities, these same costs will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. INTIHOLIDAYS will not bear such costs.


The rightful owner of the property and INTIHOLIDAYS cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise because of the guest’s use of the apartment, including but not limited to damages, insurance, losses due to fire, theft, or criminal behavior. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that the guest expressly assumes the risk of any damage arising from the use of the property’s facilities or from other persons they invite to use the facilities. The guest must assume responsibility for all damage caused by negligence.


All properties managed by INTIHOLIDAYS have a maximum occupancy and cannot be changed. The number of people allowed to occupy the property is limited to the maximum number of people as mentioned in the description of each property. This limit can rarely be exceeded. If not informed and agreed in advance, an additional fee per person/night may be charged to the guest or simply the reservation may be canceled without any right to refund or indemnification. The guest who has booked must remain at the property for the entire time he has booked, except for force majeure. In case it is considered a fraudulent act, the reservation will be immediately canceled and without any right to any refund or change of date.


The guest is responsible for the correct and decent behavior of all people who are in the property that he has rented. If the guest or any of his companions do not behave in an appropriate and responsible manner, INTIHOLIDAYS shall have the right to ask the guest and his companions to leave the property without the right to claim any type of compensation. Drugs are strictly prohibited in and around the premises of all properties. Smoking is only allowed outside the property. Parties, meetings, sub-leases are not allowed and there cannot be noise or noise between 11:00pm and 08:00 the next day.


All check-ins and check-out are done in person and at the property the guest has booked. Check-in time is from 4 pm to 11 pm, and a fee of 25,00 € will apply for check-in from 7 pm to midnight. Other fees may apply if you check in after the hours mentioned.

Check-outs are until 10am. 7 days before arrival, the guest will receive an email from INTIHOLIDAYS asking for information on the estimated arrival and departure times. INTIHOLIDAYS offers through its website the possibility to request and book at an additional cost and always according to availability, “Early-check-ins” and “Late check-outs”. They will always be confirmed in writing to the guest. In case there is no availability, and the guest has booked and paid. The amount will be refunded in full upon check-in.


The property was completely sanitized and cleaned before being handed over to the guest. On the day of check-out, it must be delivered clean and tidy. INTIHOLIDAYS will check 3 important points when returning the deposit:

  1. Barbecue and/or oven if used should be cleaned,
  2. Washed, dry and tidy dishes or at least the sink is working,
  3. Remove trash from property.


INTIHOLIDAYS completely sanitizes the property to be rented. It means that the guest will find the property he rented in perfect hygiene conditions. Guests book a holiday property registered as “Alojamento Local” (AL) in Portugal through the website and therefore may not follow the same procedures as accommodation in a hotel unit. However, the company followed the training provided by the Portuguese Tourism Board and complies with all the implemented hygiene and safety protocols. All properties managed by INTIHOLIDAYS have the “Clean and Safe” seal. Some of the properties we manage may have different amenities than others and may vary due to location, property type, featured facilities and other items placed by each owner. INTIHOLIDAYS will always seek to satisfy its guests, always respecting the privacy and comfort of its guests. Extra cleanings, changing towels, sheets, toilet paper and garbage bags during your stay are your responsibility. Cleaning days will always be adjusted according to the length of stay booked and the availability of the cleaning team. If guest’s reservation is for a minimum stay between 3 and 5 nights or 7 or more nights, but less than 28 nights, INTIHOLIDAYS will leave sheets, bath and face towels, beach towels (if you have reserved) inside the property you rented. 1 toilet paper roll (per bathroom), 1 large garbage bag (kitchen), 1 small garbage bag (per bathroom).

For reservations between 4 and 7 nights, INTIHOLIDAYS does not provide intermediate cleaning services. For reservations between 8 and 10 nights, intermediate cleaning is not included, however 1 extra set of towels per person will be left. For bookings between 11 and 14 nights: Complete cleaning (does not include washing up) and change of towels and sheets.

For an effective management, the cleaning service is normally scheduled and carried out between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. If the guest wishes to cancel or does not wish to have the cleaning done in the middle of the stay, he must notify INTIHOLIDAYS 24 hours in advance. Cleanings carried out from 1:00 pm and at the guest’s request are subject to the availability of the cleaning team’s hours and will be considered as extra cleaning, therefore there will be an additional fee of €80.00 and this fee must be paid on site in cash as the cleaning team does not use any automated means of payment. Any additional items mentioned that the guest may need during their stay are their responsibility. INTIHOLIDAYS may deduct any amount from your damage deposit if the property is left extremely dirty upon check-out.


The guest can at any time and always subject to the availability of the cleaning team, request additional cleaning services during their stay. To do this, simply purchase the service online through the website or through additional services available through the welcome guidebook. Only paid services will be accepted. Cleaning fees vary by property type.


All rooms have sheets, towels, and blankets / duvets, plus pillows or pillows. The guest can request extra blankets and pillows at no additional cost. Bed linen and towels are changed every 7 days. INTIHOLIDAYS always provides at least one set of towels per person which includes 1 bath towel and 1 face towel. We recommend not to use sunscreen or makeup, as these products can damage the sheets and towels and in case of any damage caused, it will be your sole responsibility. The disappearance and destruction of bed linen and towels are the guest’s responsibility. The following will be charged for each damaged or missing item (price per item):

Face towel €15.00 | Quilt €90.00 | Bath towel €25.00 | Blanket €50.00 | Bathmats €10.00 | Bedspreads €50.00 | Duvet cover €50.00 | Sheet (single bed) €25.00 | Kitchen cloth €7.00 | Sheet (double bed) €10.00 | Tablecloth €20.00 | Pillowcase €10.00 | Cushion €20.00 | Mattress (on request).


Some properties allow medium-term stays during low season (November to March/April, May and even June) and always 28 consecutive nights or more). These stays have daily rates lower than those practiced during other seasons and therefore have some restrictions, including cleaning, linen and towels, electricity costs. Upon check-in, 2 sets of sheets (per bed booked) and 3 sets of towels (bath and face) per booked person will be provided. The guest will be responsible for paying for the final cleaning, which must be paid at check-in. The price may vary depending on the type of property booked. Electricity, water, gas, and internet expenses will be the responsibility of the guest, unless otherwise stated. Upon check-in, the counters will be collected with the guest. The amounts will be charged as shown on the receipts for each delivery. The guest must pay at the end of each month (if the stay is longer than 28 days). The guest must leave the amount of 150 € to guarantee payment of expenses.


We do not allow pets in the properties we manage, except in the following properties: QUINTA DA BALAIA AND VILLA LAGEADO. Pets are dogs, cats, and birds (when birds are always in the cage). For dogs and cats there is a supplement of 35,00 € / per stay. The amount must be confirmed and paid when booking the property.


INTIHOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible for any object stolen or missing from inside the property or outside it, as well as objects left behind after check-out. If the cleaning company or any employee of the company finds one or more items left by the guest, they will be sent by the guest. The objects will be sent for collection, the shipping costs will be charged (envelope, box, post cost, registration, etc.) plus a shipping fee of 15,00 € (including VAT). The company reserves the right to deliver to a charity the item(s) left by the guest if the item(s) have not been claimed after 30 days.


All properties have been checked by the INTIHOLIDAYS maintenance team to ensure that everything is in order before the guest arrives. In the event of a breakdown, the guest must immediately contact the company so that the corrective maintenance plan is activated. In the event of a breakdown and which is not the responsibility of the guest, there will be no cost associated with this service. In case of breakdown and/or damage due to negligence and if our intervention is required, a service fee of 70.00 € will be applied (except material and equipment). Amount to be paid at the time of intervention. Expenses for damaged or broken equipment may be deducted from the security deposit. It is strictly prohibited to call a company or person directly to resolve any maintenance issues that occur on the property. In case the guest forgets the key inside the property and INTIHOLIDAYS must intervene to open the door, the amount of 70,00 € will be charged. Amount must be paid at the time of the intervention.


INTIHOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible for any anomaly that may occur on the property or in the common areas of the building, provided that the consent or intervention of the condominium management company is required for its resolution. Example: Swimming pool, TV signal, elevators, works, plumbing, etc…


All properties managed by INTIHOLIDAYS are for exclusive use under the local accommodation laws. Each property has a maximum occupancy, and they can never exceed their capacity as mentioned on the website or in the rental agreement, except for exceptions and otherwise. If the guest has a special request, he must always do this in writing before his arrival and always subject to availability and agreement by INTIHOLIDAYS. In case of force majeure problems and INTIHOLIDAYS must relocate the guest, the company undertakes to do so, at no additional cost to the guest, but will always be relocated to a property equal to or greater than the one reserved. However, the guest must accept the offer and accept the conditions without asking for any possible compensation.


It will not be allowed to change furniture or decorative pieces without INTIHOLIDAYS authorization. INTIHOLIDAYS reserves the right to be able to deduct from the deposit the amount of 100,00 € (one hundred) euros. If any changes occurred.


All properties managed and administered by INTIHOLIDAYS are based on local accommodation (AL), according to the lwas statement nº 128/2014 of 29 August. The services provided by the management company are based on “Accommodation Only”, not including any other types of services except the provision of overnight stays with bed linen (including towels) and equipment considered essential for the preparation of food.


The property was delivered clean, sanitized and in the best condition before receiving the guest(s). The guest(s) must, however, take care and make good use of the property, respecting and complying with all the rules described in this document. At check-out, the property must be clean, tidy, with the dishes washed, dry and tidy, as well as the garbage placed in containers and outside the property.


All properties managed and administered by INTIHOLIDAYS have a digital welcome guidebook which is sent by email no later than 7 days before the arrival of the guest(s). Each property has its welcome guidebook which contains useful and important information. It is the guest’s responsibility to enter the link, accept the terms and conditions, consult, and read the useful and important information about the vacation property that they have rented. The welcome guidebook also contains the accommodation rules that must always be accepted by the guest before entering the rental property.


Through the platform www.intiholidays.com, the guest can purchase the additional services that the company has or through the welcome guidebook in the “marketplace” section at: https://myguide.intiholidays.com/name of accommodation/ marketplace. All additional services can be booked “online” but are always subject to availability. INTIHOLIDAYS reserves the right to change, cancel without prior notice the services proposed therein. If the company must cancel a service, guest will receive the full amount paid by the guest and guest must accept the cancellation and will not be able in any way to ask for any compensation or compensation for the mentioned cancellation(s).


All equipment made available to the guest has been properly tested before arrival and are in excellent working condition. If the guest detects an anomaly or malfunction in one or more equipment (included in the property’s inventory), the guest must immediately communicate with INTIHOLIDAYS (always within a maximum period of 24 hours), so that the problem can be resolved. After this period, it will be the sole responsibility of the guest who will have to bear the costs of the repair.


All properties managed by INTIHOLIDAYS have a detailed and up-to-date inventory that can be consulted at any time by the guest through their welcome guidebook. Inventory verification is carried out by the company’s cleaning team and always after the guest leaves. The lack, breakage or damage to any equipment or material is the responsibility of the guest. The deposit may be withheld or not returned in the event of any irregularity in the inventory.


The management company “INTIHOLIDAYS” has the right to enter the property in a case of emergency, to make the necessary repairs, alterations, improvements, provision of necessary or agreed services. INTIHOLIDAYS must always notify the guest in advance of any possible intervention.


Under the terms indicated in the rates information terms in the caveat – terms of application of any programming errors, allowed in the formation or operation of the computer system (including laps and the terms of application of effects), under the terms and in terms 3º nº 2. A) and b) of the Decree -Law 7/2004, of January 7.


INTIHOLIDAYS reserves the right to update any of its terms and conditions at any time, as may be necessary and in accordance with the company’s business. The onus is placed on all parties who use the Site to take appropriate steps to ensure that they visit such terms and conditions on a regular basis. By agreeing to use our booking sites, it is implied that any third party accepts such changes, and that any third party agrees to comply with such changes. By making a reservation, ALL terms and conditions of this agreement are deemed accepted and receipt of the information contained herein.


Consumer Information

Under the provisions of article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, in the event of a dispute, the consumer may contact an Arbitration Centre for Consumer Conflicts:


CIMAAL – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve.


Address: Ninho de Empresas, Edifício ANJE, Estrada da Penha, 3º andar, sala 26, 8000 Faro;
Tel: 289823135
E-mail: cimaal@mail.telepac.pt
Website: www.consumidoronline.pt

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